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My books are currently closed to new client installs!

I do have a waitlist for Transfer clients with already established Sisterlock/Micrlocs. Please feel

free to text me @ #510.575.8249 to be added to the waitlist.

If you are looking for a loctician/install/retight asap - I will have referrals listed here as well as on my business IG/Facebook from time to time.

Stylist's that are currently taking installs/new clients:


IG @theloft_460

Text : 510-213-4580

Bay  Area


IG @sue_coils_creations

Text : 209-800-2305

Central Valley 


IG @locd_byduchess

2076 Washington Ave. 

Sade's Hair Studio (Old San Leandro), CA

The Sisterlock website is a great reference tool in locating a local loctician.


Cancellation policy:

  • 24-48 Hours notice minimum - required for all cancellations.

  • Weekend appointments are scarce, if you happen to cancel the wait for the next available appointment could be 4-8 weeks. 

  • Last minute cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will require a $30 non-refundable deposit before the next appointment can be booked. (Can be paid via Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo or Zelle).

  • 2 cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will require a deposit 1/2 the cost of the actual service ($65 & $70) before the next appointment can be booked.

  • All appointments Retight's for (Sisterlocks & Microlocs) over 8-9 weeks will inquire fee). Total retight fee $260-$280).

  • Only booking appointments 2 months out........2 appointments per client.

  • There is a 15 minute grace period for late clients, if you arrive after the grace period the appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled. You are no longer a client after 3 late arrivals and you will be referred to the Sisterlock website.

Updated Salon Hours: 

Monday 8:00am - 8:30pm 

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 8:00am - 8:30pm

Thursday Closed 

Friday 8:00am - 8:30pm

Saturday - Closed 

Sunday 8:00am - 8:30pm 

All state wide mandated health & safety precautions will be taken such.

Updated safety guidelines:​

  1. Please wear an N95/Protective Mask. No mask, no service.

  2. Hand sanitizer as well as Lysol spray & wipes will be provided.

  3. 1 Client per appointment, no additional guests


​If you would like to use your phone without a mask or eat you will be directed to go outside. Please be respectful.

I sincerely appreciate your continued patronage, support and encouragement!



- Microlocs, Sisterlocks, Interlocking are all hair care management systems that provide a locing experience through the use of tools in creating intricate tangles. However, Sisterlocks have a very specific grid, install rules and written guidelines/contracts.


- Prices are based on the amount time, density and the length of each clients hair. Most times (ear to chin length installs usually require 2 days and (16-20) hours.

- It is suggested that you color your hair before the install or after the locs have fully matured for the best distribution of color. Currently I do not offer color, but I will soon!


- I recommend determining your maintenance schedule based on how quickly your natural hair grows. I offer a 4, 6 and 8 week schedule. Clients that bypass the 8 week schedule will be charged $200, $260, $280 & up for retightening services due to the amount of time and labor required.


- If you require a trim, it can be done for an additional $10 on the day of the appointment.

Service Menu Below :

Please book your maintenance appointments as soon as possible!

VIP Packages will be available to regular client's with a 4-7 week Retight schedule starting February 1st, 2023.

This package includes : 

  • Top booking on Friday & Sunday's.

  • Clarifying Shampoo/ACV Shampoo/Hydrating Shampoo/Deep Condition/Steam

  • Hooded Dryer/Moisture Seal/Retight

  • Take home maintenance bundle.

  • Total value: $220

 Black and White Down Arrow

Natural/Textured Hair -
Non-Chemical Services

Most services are based on a flat rate of $35 per hour and up.


All Loc services require a consultation in person before the appointment. For Sisterlocks, the actual install appointment will take places 2 weeks after the consultation.

Core Services:

Standard Shampoo Service :

Shampoo/Condition/Hooded Dryer = $25.

20 Minutes


Deep Condition = $10 

15 Minutes

Hot Oil = $5

Healing Scalp Maintenance Bundle :

Medicated Shampoo/Clarifying Shampoo/Hydrating Shampoo/Steam Treatment/Condition/Moisture Seal = $35

30 Minutes 

Detox Scalp Maintenance Bundle :

Clarifying Shampoo/ACV Shampoo/Hydrating Shampoo/Steam Treatment/Condition/Moisture Seal = $30

30 Minutes 

Traditional Locs

Traditional Loc Install/Comb Coils = $120, $160 & $200.

Small, Med, Lg

3 - 5 Hours

Two Strand Twists Install = $160, $200, $240 & $280.

Small, Med, Lg

4 - 7 Hours

Micro Braid Install = $320, $400, $480 & $640.

Small, Med, Lg

8, 10, 12 & 16 Hours

Loc Retwist/Palm Roll = $85. 

3 Hours 30 Minutes 

Traditional Crochet Loc Retwist $100

3 Hours and 30 minutes.

The time frame may vary based on the density of the

client's hair and the number of locs.


Micro/Nappy Loc Installations, Maintenance and Re-tights

Small, Med, Lg

Interlock Install =

12 Hours - $480

16 Hours - $640

18 Hours - $720

20 Hours - $800

23 Hours - $920

Interlock Re-tight - Flat rate $140.

3-5 Hours

 * Loc grooming - with shears or clippers $20 & up  (eliminating unruly frizz). C

Crochet hook repair./blending in loose hairs & ends....prices vary per hour based on the number of Locs.


Starting prices apply to hair 3-4 inches long. 

Small, Med, Lg 

Sisterlock Installation = 

14 Hours - $560

16 Hours - $640

18 Hours - $720

20 Hours - $800

23 Hours - $920

26 Hours - $1,040 (This price usually applies to hair past shoulder length and smaller sized locs).

Best length :  Big Chop clients, ear, chin, neck & shoulder length hair are ideal.

Sisterlock Retight/Flat rate = $140

4 Hours 30 Minutes - 6 Hours.  

Schedule a 4, 6 or 8 Week Retight. 

* Sle Retight's after the 8 week mark = $260-$280.

6-8 Hours 

Loc Styling :

Two Strand Rope Twists Small $30

Two Strand Rope Twists Lg $20

Loc Braid Out Set $25

Flexi or Roller Set $25 & up based on size.

Loc Flat Twist Updo or Side Updo $20 & up based on size.

Loc Sprinkles (Per 2 locs)  $14

Loc Accent Beads (Small/Med./Lg - Per 20) $7

Dutch Braids, Side Accent  Braids, Bck Down $20 & up


Bridal Loc Styling

* Morning appointments only!

Bridal Loc Styling

The appointment will be at the salon suite.

Includes: Shampoo/Condition, Retight & Style.


Clarifying Shampoo/ACV Detox/Moisture Shampoo/Steam/Condition/Blow dry/Retight/Style.

Light breakfast, snacks, cider/juice, bridal decor.

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